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I create artistic pieces with a particular style, perfect for posters, album covers, gifts or products.

For this pieces I usually use 6 softwares, depending on the complexity:
- Dazstudio, to pose characters.
- Marvelous Designer, to make clothes.
- Fusion 360, to make complex and precise objects for the scene.
- Blender, to model anything, rig characters, compose everything.
- Adobe Photoshop, for the final details.
- Adobe After Effects, if you need an animation.

In any of these categories your words matters, I mean I can make personalized objects, clothes, characters, etc. to look exactly as you want.
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43 reviews about this service


barry_8855 5
Turks and Caicos Islands

Always someone we can look up for 3D designing.

doris7528 4

Quarter after quarter he was always at or near the top of the 3D designing ranking.

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 23.00 $ 39.00 $ 70.00
I will create artistic scenes based on simple 3d models, without clothing or personalized objects. I will create the scenes including clothes and predetermined characters. I will model characters to look as you want, include clothes and animate the scene.
8 Days 11 Days 15 Days
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