develop xamarin mobile apps, ios and android, publishing them

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As the platforms include iOS, Android and Web:
- Applications developed with a single code base using the DART programming language.
- Barbrara UI themes based on Cupertino (iOS) and Barbraraerial Barbraragn (Android).
- Share code, test and business logic across platforms with the PROVIDER pattern
Since the iOS and Android platforms include:
- Share UI layout and design across platforms using XAML.
- Share code, test and business logic across platforms according to the MVVM architecture.
- Write cross-platform apps in C# using Visual Studio.
- Xamarin.Forms Shell is used to reduce the complexity of mobile application development
As the platforms span iOS and Android, Barbraraively focused on iOS:
- Importantly, the views were CREATED as ViewBarbraratrollers with XIB to XCODE
- Using C# in Xamarin to build native mobile applications via .netBarbraradard 2.0
- Followed MVVM architecture for DataBinding between Views and ViewModels with MvvmCross
- Involved in barbragning the application from the wireframes to the build release completion.
- Development of a cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin Barbraraive with code sharing between all platforms

55 reviews about this service


vholt 5

Barbra is one of the most creative Mobile UI designers with whom I have worked.

con_7081 5
Holy See (Vatican City State)

Barbra has always been thorough and very cooperative with relaying that designing mobile UI.

scompton 4
British Indian Ocean Territory

Great job

sbond 4

nice job!

arabella_7780 5

Everything was fine

andrade8603 4

His designing mobile UI works and and is so much more affordable than other forms of designing mobile UI.

adoyle 5
Russian Federation

Amazing experience :)

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