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I am an experienced lawyer whose day-to-day practice revolves around a wide spectrum of the legal field, including but not limited to civil litigation, criminal litigation, family law practice, commercial transactions, private and public international law, intellectual property law, and banking and tax law.

With such an extensive knowledge of the law, I have been in a better position to assist my clients in undertaking several tasks including drafting pleadings, contracts, legal opinions, agreements, legal letters, among others.

Other than offering professional legal research and proofreading services, therefore, I can competently draft for you any of the following:

- Employment Contracts
- Marketing Agreements
- Sale Agreements
- Affidavits
- Lease/Rental Agreements
- Legal Opinions/Advice
- Legal Letters
- Service Provider Agreements
- Freelance Agreements
- Non-Disclosure Agreements
- Copyright Transfer Agreements
- Pleadings/Claims
- Memoranda
- Power of Attorney
- Motions
- Partnership Agreements
- Founders/Shareholder Agreements
- Terms and Conditions
- Privacy Policies
- Disclaimers
- Among Others

Kindly feel free to consult with me at any time as we look forward to working together. 

Thank you in advance.

72 reviews about this service


rickki 5

Beverlee has always been my go-to guy for what is going on in the field of writing lawful content.

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