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As a paralegal, I've seen firsthand how little mistakes or "vagueness" in business contracts and agreements, can lead to contractual issues down the line.

This is why I help individuals and businesses, take the guesswork out of legal contracts, agreements and other legal documents. By drafting watertight, legally enforceable contracts, and agreements, including specific clauses to protect your interests, so you can run your business with peace of mind.

I can help you:

follow the bellow to see how:
- Expertly create legal contracts and agreements, considering exactly what constitutes a breach of contract for your business, so you know how to resolve it in the future.
- Create well-researched legal documents as per your business needs.
- Write legal articles and SEO blog posts.

The types of legal contracts/agreement and legal documents I handle:
- Sales contracts
- Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
- Employment contracts
- License agreements
- Loan agreements
- Land agreements
- Terms and conditions for websites
- Website privacy policy
- SEO articles and blog posts
- Services contract and
- Any other other legal contracts/agreements as per your request.

Looking forward to working with you!

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Perfect communication and really fast delivery.

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