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This report provides a review of the key factors that influence the SEO and usability of your website.
The homepage rank is a grade on a 100-point scale that represents your Internet Marketing
Effectiveness. The algorithm is based on 70 criteria including search engine data, website structure, site
performance and others. A rank lower than 40 means that there are a lot of areas to improve. A rank
above 70 is a good mark and means that your website is probably well optimized.
Internal pages are ranked on a scale of A+ through E and are based on an analysis of nearly 30 criteria.
Our reports provide actionable advice to improve a site's business objectives.

what you will get in this report

- Search Engine Optimization Usability
- Mobile Technologies
- Visitors Social
- Link Analysis

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36 reviews about this service


j_bates 5
United States

Cappie has been invaluable in the way she SEO-optimize the website for us about our finances.

jules_al 5

im happy with your work! thanks!

mora_9538 5
Virgin Islands

Thank you so much for your delivery!

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