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about the package:

Are you a small YouTuber and still get no subscribers and views?
Are you trying you're hardest to get more views and subscriber?

If so, Then I am the right guy to talk to and I will help you with that! Hi m name is Emery and I'm a 14 year old boy that knows how to help people with this type of situation.

what i will do for you:
I will make a video in where I review your channel and then I'll upload it to YT, make the video private (just for you) and send you a link to it so you can watch my review. I also will give tips and feedback that you need in that video.

How this package will help you grow!
-> I will help you increase audience retention
->You will get tips to help drive more views
->I will provide you with tips and strategies
-> I will explain how to improve your titles
-> I will evaluate your thumbnails and give you tips to improve them

Why choose me?

- Fast worker
- Fast responding time
- I have been doing this for 2 years
- I'm well experienced
- Nice and friendly communication
- Delivery is really fast
- 100% satisfactions
- Available all day

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29 reviews about this service


henson_8634 4

thanks a lot

nils6649 4
British Indian Ocean Territory


oteliaca 4
French Southern Territories

I would definitely hire her again, especially for complex youtube marketing situations.

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 16.00 $ 23.00 $ 39.00
I will review 2 videos of yours and give you a few feed back and tips the video must be 10-15 minute I will review 3 videos of yours and give feed back and tips the video duration is 20-25 minutes I will review 4 videos of yours and give feed back and tips Duration of video is 30-40 minutes
2 Days 3 Days 4 Days
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