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Hi There!

- I love fashion illustration and work mainly in traditional mediums, to me, traditional medium are more expressive.

- My process is as follow: I make drafts, you check them, you make modifications or corrections and I paint and delivery it. 

- Please check all the options in my packages, and see what works the best for you! also there are extra options to add.  Everything you need, collections, flats, design your clothes... just ask me specifically, I'll pleased to answer. 

- - Commercial use means you can use my art for marketing, advertising or graphic design for any product for selling only (License for for-profit business use). It doesn't provide authorship over the drawing itself, but you have the rights of the design and I don't publish the works. If you ever want tag me in social media I would love and appreciate it a lot. 

Feel free to ask any questions before placing an order, I'll be delighted to answer your questions.

63 reviews about this service


kane_9941 4
Virgin Islands

Not only Casey made us feel close but also well informed.

belle_7218 4
United States

excellent results!

m_bowman 4
Marshall Islands

Thank you for the help!

billy_7731 5
Heard Island

Great as always! Thank you!

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1 colorful, professional fashion illustration of your design (for black and white contact me) 2 colorful, professional fashion illustrations of your designs, full of details! 3 colorful, professional and detailed fashion illustrations of your designs!
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