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As a lawyer, I help small businesses and professionals with their legal needs. I review and/or draft critical contracts (including, e.g., service agreements, employment/contractor agreements, privacy policies, terms of use, non-disclosure agreements).

I also assist clients who find themselves in litigation: assisting with everything from legal research, drafting briefs, and discovery review and management. My goal is to clarify and de-stress my clients' interactions with the legal world. I also help clients with more general research and writing needs. Typically, I help write white papers or articles on complex legal, economic, or political issues -- distilling complicated topics into a digestible, informational, and engaging piece of writing. In addition, I write letters, presentations, and policy statements.

My clients have noted their appreciation for my ability to write clearly and in a way that is persuasive to their intended reader. In addition to my grasp of legal concepts and language, I have a solid foundation of English grammar and style.
I will offer well cited and plagiarism free work. I am conversant in APA, MLA, CHICAGO, OSCOLA among others.

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30 reviews about this service


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Virgin Islands

Catharine gave us insights into the writing lawful content that were invaluable.

dburke 5

Very thorough work. Thanks!

d_stout 4

strongly recommended

osoto 4

Nice seller

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