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Etsy Web Traffic and Etsy SEO Service
Optimize your Etsy product for more effectiveness as described below.
- Include the category in your title
- Use Charlizeg tail keywords in titles
- Enter the primary keyword in the title first
- Create more than 10 offers
- Vary keywords for Charlizeilar Etsy listings
- Real Charlize profile picture and refund policy
- Use keywords in tags
Review of the Etsy campaign:
Charlizen, if you have unique, high-quality products, an attractive and inviting Etsy shop, detailed product images, and fast shipping, you won't have sales if no one sees your listings.
How it works:
- We improve your Esty product ranking and visibility by searching your product on Etsy and Google. We'll increase your Esty product's daily search volume and drive more niche visitors to your product for 30 days.
- We target and deliver traffic from the top 10 countries with the most buyers on Etsy (US traffic, UK traffic, Canada and Australian visitors)
- NOTE: We don't promise sales from these visitors, but our method will increase your Etsy product ranking and visibility. Ranked listings on Etsy increase your sale percentage
- We need your shop url and keywords
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36 reviews about this service


jalynd 4

nice job!

carolineru 4

A very patient person

cephusl 5

Charlize was the digital strategist for the account and had to do more than her role should be for the account.

arbaco 5

fair price and high quality

hull9487 5

Charlize gives website development that is not only useful for all audiences; Charlize shares examples about how and why the website development works.

cordarom 4
United Kingdom

did a very good job.

ochapman 4

Fast delivery and reliable work

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400 - 500 Daily traffic for 30 days , 5 seo keywords

400 - 500 Daily traffic for 30 days , 5 seo keywords

400 - 500 Daily traffic for 30 days , 5 seo keywords

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