develop an web application using asp dot net core

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Service description

Package description are as follow:

- Bootstrap 4
- JavaScript, Jquery
- Responsive (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile)
- Best Practices
- 1 Fully dynamic page with database request
- Login (Optional)

Develop Core or .Net Framework web application using standard best practice development methods, HTML/CSS/JavaScript and SQL Server.

Why me?
what are the reaons?

KOI has experience of quickly understanding client requirements, creating simple specifications for work, then delivering the work on time and on budget.

Workflow is as bellow:

-  Detailed client discussion on Zoom or Skype
- Preparation of simple specification
-  Development of web app 
- Check work with client at key points
- Delivery & Revisions

Next Steps is as follow:

Please contact Koi before proceeding so we can discuss your exact requirements and how he can help you achieve your development goals cost effectively, on time and on budget.

kindly send me message!!!

88 reviews about this service


eolaho 4

Always willing to think outside the square and to be innovative at how we work.

bauer8420 4

Very professional - Highly recommended.

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Basic functionality in Core MVC 3.
Back end database
Basic functionality in Core MVC 3.
User log in
Back end database
User Management System
Transactional Emails
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