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what i will do for you in this package are as follow:

I will create or redesign your next presentation. 

I have experience designing presentations and managing PowerPoint and Canva.

What do I offer you are as follow:

- The design or redesign of your presentation, providing creativity and aesthetics.
- Images, graphics, information, etc.
- Animation within your presentation.
- The raw document in PowerPoint and different formats such as jpg, png or, if you need it, mp4.

you can check the following and provide everything i need for this package:

What I need are as follow:

- First you must contact me to know about the needs your needs.
- A document or presentation to be redesigned, with the information you need to convey.

Please contact me before you place an order.

63 reviews about this service


corderoo 4

Very professional approach to the job

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Redesign a presentation that you need. Create or redesign your presentatation. Create or redesign your presentatation with professional details.
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