air, play your video music on MTV, fire tv and billboard around the world

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Do you want your video music play on MTV,FIRE TV?

i can help you:

If yes you are at the right place at the possible right time
 have been connected with a number of music video distributors such as, MTV, VH1,FIRE TV and BET JAMS. i will help you with that

Your music video is always GUARANTEED airtime on all platforms, as long as they follow within the guidelines shown below:
Compression Type: H.264
File Format: .mov or .mp4
Dimensions: 1920x1080 (preferred) or 1280x720
Frame Rate: Native (No less than 23.98)
Bit Rate: Minimum 7500 kb/s. Unrestricted is OK but we recommend that you restrict your video bitrate to no more than 10mb/s.
File must be de-Interlaced (Please, No Interlacing)
Multi-pass encoding is preferred, Single-pass encoding isn’t
Please export all encodes using Compressor or Quicktime.
Do not use frame re-ordering in your encoding settings
Do not include front or end slates (displaying metadata), title or end cards, bars and tones, etc.
Format: AAC
Channels: Stereo (L R)
Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
Bit Rate: 320 kbps CBR    

Get known all around the world and become the top celebrity before it too late the best way to be know can only be get by me


28 reviews about this service


jeanen 4
United Kingdom

Erma - we appreciate you taking so much of your time to design a billboard image for us and to make sure we got on this right away.

wheeler_9399 4

And she was an inspiration to many in designing high resolution graphic, as well as others who knew him.

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I will air your music video on MTV, billboad,BET 5 times to encourage lifetime streams

I will air your music video on MTV, billboad,BET 8 times to encourage lifetime streams

I will air your music video on MTV, billboad,BET 12 times to encourage lifetime streams

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