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Hello, I'm Flo Floi
If you're looking for a professional desktop and mobile application developer, you've come to the right place. I've been a Flo developer for 3 years. I'm Flo Mobile and a web application on Flutter. Now I've also started working on the Flutter desktop application.
What will you get:
Android application
iOS application
internet application
desktop application.
Fully responsive user interface
Cross-platform compatibility
Three months of free technical support
database integration
Launch of the respective stores
Why me:
I have developed 20+ mobile apps on Flutter and 3+ web apps and 2 desktop apps on Flutter.
I'm Flo, an experienced developer in Flutter and have developed multipurpose applications in it.
I know results speak louder than words.

23 reviews about this service


kieranw 4

She was not only driven to custom website development through her exceptional custom website development ability but also by being clinically sound.

calista_7614 4

A very patient person

ila7963 4

I am pleased with the custom website development.

gutierrez9315 4
Saint Martin

You couldn't ask for a better web designer, team leader, and colleague.

kevonl 4

awesome job

ryannp 4

Flo is very professional in all Flo does and her products are the most creative.

paul7350 4

Fast delivery and reliable work

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