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Contact me for any type content writing, script writing, editing and legal writing.
I am a dedicated professional with a passion for doing challenging works. Any time you hire me, you will get my complete skill set and my complete attention. I will write scripts, do editing and legal writing in Different formats like APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE etc.
           The types of script writing that I can manage are as follow:

- Spec script writing. ...

- Feature assignment writing. ...

- Rewriting and script doctoring. ...

- Television writing. ...

- Video game writing. ...

- Commission. ...

- Three-act structure. ...

- The Hero's Journey.

The types of legal writing that I can manage are as follow :

• Client Letter- Written to Client
• Client Letter
• Letter to Third Party
• Transmittal Letter
• Office Memo
• Transmittal Letter- Communicates Basic Information
• Opinion Letter- Letter by Attorney regarding Legality of the transaction
• Office Memo- Letter sent and created for Real Estate Closing or Loan Closing
• Letter to Third Party
• Opinion Letter

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87 reviews about this service


garrickco 5

Gennaro knows writing a legal content inside and out so he can help you grow your writing a legal content and bottom line.

sandie7635 4

awesome job

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