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There is nothing more powerful in SEO than link building. Backlinks give a website more SEO power, rising it up in the SERPs, increasing its Google rank. However, to make all this true, you need first to index backlinks, i.e. make Google know about them and take them into account when evaluating the webpage’s weight.

Google has made many changes in last year. Without an indexing service, only low amount of Your links will be found by Googlebot which means that You are wasting Your time. Just imagine that instead of 1 % of Your links Googlebot will find 50% or more.

-  Index at Google, Majestic AND AHREFS
-  No Software to Learn and Maintain
-  Easily PROVE Results to Clients

Stop Wasting Money
we have a better way:

our suggestion is:
Google finds less than 5% of all the links you buy and build. If Google doesn't find them, your rankings won't go up. So stop wasting money building links that never help your rankings improve. Make ALL of your link building counts.

****************Please note *******************

This package is to index backlinks you have built, if you feel your site is not indexed please check in google first before ordering.

71 reviews about this service


p_prince 5
Norfolk Island

Nice seller

lakendrag 5
American Samoa

She is excellent and forensic in her SEO optimization.

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