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The spaces we live in are a reflection of ourselves & impact us in a unique way. If you’re needing a bit of direction transforming your space into something that really speaks to you, look no further.

To give you the idea of the design I will make you a mood board, colour scheme and a materials palette that you can use for your space in the future.

To create a mood board, I need from you:
- Photos of space
- Function of the space
- We can reuse the existing furniture also
- References of interiors you like
- Any further information you would like to share

If you want to receive a plan of the space with furniture, then I need from you:
- Photos of space
- Function of the space
- The main dimensions of the room
- Heights (ceiling, doors, and windows)
- Budget range (if including a shopping list)
- Sockets positioning (optional)

The last point is necessary in order to understand how to correctly distribute floor lamps and table lamps.


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