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Welcome to my package for setup Facebook ad campaign that you can utilize to drive traffic to your Facebook page, online store or website. You can ready the ad text, image or video then ask me to setup the ad campaign for a specific budget and duration. I can help you to your configure most suitable targeted audience and a strategy for social media ads.If you have an online business and thinking about how to generate more sales with Facebook Ads then I can help you with using Facebook Pixel and Target Audience.

Important Notes are as follow:
1. Please send me a message before place an order.
2. My service doesn't ensure any Sales, Lead or conversion, but I will try my best.
3. You must need to provide your FB access. (You can add as Admin on your Business Manager/Ad account and Business page. Otherwise, FB login info).

What Types of Campaign I can Create for You:
·        Brand Awareness Campaign.
·        Post Reach Campaign.
·        Website Traffic Campaign.
·        Video Views Campaign.
·        Lead Generation Campaig
. Sales Conversions contact for more

58 reviews about this service


kylera 5
United Arab Emirates

I am pleased with the facebook followers improvement.

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 141.00 $ 235.00 $ 344.00
Create ads funnel + Create unlimited campaigns + 2 weeks management Target Audience Research
Automated Feed Ads
Ad Content Creation
Campaign Optimization
Ads Campaign + 6 Ads + Highly Audience + Re-targeting + 6 Ad Copy + Ad Creative + Manage
11 Days 7 Days 11 Days
Payment Protection
14 Days Money Back Guarantee

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