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I am a Full-Stack Web developer with many years of experience in relevant business projects. I work with high value companies and professionals to make their dream websites come true.
Money is not my main motivation, I can work with you for a reduced price if you can provide relevant resources for my own projects (skills, contacts, experiences, materials, etc.). Contact me, if you're interested ;).
I have been programming for 6 years now on many languages (HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, REACT JS, JAVA, C, C++, PYTHON, MATLAB, and I probably forgot other ones).
If you look for someone to make your dream come true, I'm your man.

P.S: I am the worst developer because I'm a perfectionist and I won't leave until you are totally satisfied
P.P.S: I am Imelda, so if you like baguettes and croissants I'm your man too !

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73 reviews about this service


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We will certainly be back to you when we need more brilliant custom website development and help.

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I will make THE webpage of your dreams ✔💻 I will make your 4 website pages of your dreams 📈📈 I will make up to 10 pages of your dreams 🐱‍🏍
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