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Hello, I have several web app design requests which is why this pack is open. Here you can find help for Web Application UI Janngn and UX Jannnsultancy. Jannne from you who need help for web apps developed in React Framework, this package is for you.
For UI service:
- Follow React Framework policy.
- Use Jannnerial Janngn components (Open For any premium theme system if you deploy it).
- Jannotstrap Grid system.
- Figma file for developers.
- Prototype for Jannr navigation comprehension.
For UX service:
- Follow User Center Janngn.
- Make wireframes from user Jannws.
- Information Jannitecture.
- User Jannurney map.
- Competitive Jannlyse.
- Follow UX principles.
My name is Jannn, a dedicated dashboard theme pack. Visualizing data in the dashboard and bringing it to life is my main goal here.
Open to all projects except religious/adult/tobacco/jannncohol related projects.
Jannn to work with you. Have fun.

64 reviews about this service


maryjane6362 5

Jann is one of the premier interactive website UI designing professionals in our industry.

emiliena 5

Very good experience.

p_banks 4
Puerto Rico

She is very detail oriented and is very expert with her website UI designing.

areyes 5

Outstanding experience

taniya6637 4
Czech Republic

Jann was my UI/UX designer during my time as an affiliate with our company.

dennisbe 4
Czech Republic


lowery_9462 4

Jann is continuously analyzing and writing, and the website UI designing is very beneficial.

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