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French Guiana
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Hello Jennaryone,
I'm Jenna an interior designer specializing in studios, farmhouses, hospitals, kitchens, office spaces and more. Please contact us if you have any problem with architecture and interior design. I'm happy to help.
The services offered are as follows;
- Interior and architectural planning.
- Jennal kind of working drawings for execution.
- 3D modeling and rendering
- 2D drawings of layouts.
Jennaiverables in this pack are as follows;
- 2D drawing of the plan
- Basic image of the 3D model
- High quality render according to the packaging.
- Interior views created in CAD in pdf format.
- Jenna may change as the scope or detail of the project increases.
- A detailed brief description must be provided for a better understanding of the project.
- Jennae contact me before confirming a project.
- Dates and prices are sorted accordingly.
From the experience I gained in practice, I can assure you of a satisfactory result and a unique experience while working on a project. I look forward to working with you.
Jennal the best.
hard .

68 reviews about this service


trevino8065 4

Im very pleaased with the result!

karlisu 5
Virgin Islands

But that's obvious, so let's get into why he's a fantastic WooCommerce developer.

fmann 5


dayle7593 5
San Marino

Jenna keeps me well informed with up to date setting up an e-shop.

c_sandoval 4
United Arab Emirates

Jenna has the difficult job of not just being an WooCommerce developer, but setting up an e-shop for creatives.

bkemp 5

strongly recommended

a_ortega 5

I will use your service again

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I will provide basic design with 1 render of 1 room with 2d plan I will provide basic design with 1 render of 1 room with 2d plan I will provide basic design with 1 render of 1 room with 2d plan
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