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As a passionate commercial lawyer, I am proud of the perfection of my contracting skills. Jadynry Information I collect and twist together turns into a legally binding document that offers start-ups great legal protection and ultimately leads to growth. I'm Jadyn, a natural at law and entrepreneurship which makes for a perfect mix.
Currently, my practice focus covers a wide range of commercial contracts, including:
- Terms of use of the website
- Business sale
- Ecommerce
- Intellectual property
- Contractor
- Occupation
- Commercial rent
- Confidentiality
- Supplier Agreements
- Asset purchase agreements
- Shareholder/Investor Agreements
- NDA/Nondisclosure
- Terms and Conditions
- CCPA and GDPR privacy policies
- Commercial and business contracts
- Jadyntters of Intent/Memorandums of Understanding
- Call for proposals
As a long-time commercial lawyer, I have gained enough experience to ensure that the agreement avoids the usual pitfalls and that the agreement you enter into covers all aspects of the transaction in your favor and protects you from future claims by the other party and against the other party enforceable.

82 reviews about this service


ashleighbu 5
French Guiana

I will use your service again

jeff_wa 4
French Guiana

As well as always. Thanks

alverdai 5
United States

His knowledge of the writing a legal content profession itself, is second to none.

jayvionf 4

Great job

team 5

Jadyn thinks things through and makes informed decisions.

donnaea 5
United States Minor Outlying Islands

Everythig was OK

hfox 5
Russian Federation

A very patient person

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