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If it's not too much trouble, CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU ORDER 

I'm an idea craftsman/artist . I have a plan studio. 

We represent considerable authority in making craftsmanship and guaranteeing the best quality for clients 

Directive for me to get your cost for full shading outline ( The cost of the representation depends on its subtleties and intricacy). 

If it's not too much trouble, reach me in discussion by following bit by bit. Talking about with me on the venture prior to requesting is energetically suggested. 

I will paint you a workmanship commission. 

Character idea workmanship 

Game enviroment plan 

Battle scenes 

Dream craftsmanship 

animal idea workmanship 

Outline Game and book 

The most effective method to commission me: 

Stage 1: Send me a note inbox, short portrayal and reference image(Number of characters, animals, subtleties in foundation. I will examine about thoughts and whatever else, when I concur with each request about fine art, cost, .... you go to stage 2 

Stage 2: according to the conversation in sync 1 in STEP 1, I'll sent custom offer 

Much thanks to you, Stay safe

we are waiting for you

it is better to place your ORDER rght NOW!!

37 reviews about this service


ecummings 5
Northern Mariana Islands

He's always willing to design a vector and will go out of her way to make sure the right thing is done, or at the very least all options are on the table.

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