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welcome to my profle

Did you look for a Professional cartoon or mascot logo for your Twitch, Esport Team, Youtube channel, Gaming Community, etc.?

BASIC PACKAGE is as follow:
- 1 esports logo with FULL FLAT color and less detail.
- PNG file only.
- personal use only & no copyrights.

STANDARD PACKAGE is as follow:
- 1 esports logo Medium Detailing, high quality, medium detail and shading
- Source file.
- commercial use & no copyrights.

- best quality esports logo + youtube banner, COPYRIGHT + COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE (HIGHLY RECOMENDED)
- Unlimited Revision
- Source file.
- commercial use & own full exclusive copyrights with copyright transfer agreement.

feel free to contact whenever you want

37 reviews about this service


cash6290 5

Outstanding experience

corili 4

Well done!

margene6801 5

Kathyrn is the one that will design a UI for game above and beyond her own.

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 47.00 $ 101.00 $ 156.00
1 mascot logos with High resolution images (JPEG,PNG)
1 mascot custom logos (Medium quality, Vector file. Personal Use Only
1 Mascot with high quality detail, Source file, High quality Print, Commercial Use
3 Days 4 Days 4 Days
Payment Protection
14 Days Money Back Guarantee