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I am Krissy Manning a professional Content Writer, Poet.
Past Experiences
- Research Essays
- Website Content
- Company Profiles
- Marketing Content
- Youtube Scripts
- Published Blogs
- Letters and Emails
- Instagram Posts
- Sports Writings
- Memorandums
An unlimited number of revisions will be offered, if needed, since your satisfaction remains a priority.

Overview of my Style.
- An appropriate hook will be used to initiate it. Interesting, Innovative and Catchy ideas will be adopted.
- The expressive, well-turned and smooth structure will be adopted for fluency.
- The Flowery and Idiomatic language shall be used to make it more beautiful and appealing.
- Grandiloquence and Compendium nature will be used towards the end, to conclude the article.


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Insightful, Creative, and Compelling Content with induced Coherence and Efficient Hooks. Reader-friendly Content with Idioms and Phrases to beautify it. Long form Articles and Research Essays
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