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Hi, I am Lara Lara based in Beijing, China. Welcome to my Apparel Product Photography page! Hope my high-quality product photos will meet your needs and promote your sales. 

PRICE PACKAGES are as follow:

- BASIC ($20+/photo) - for detailed enhanced/retouched images with white background (typically 1500x1500 @ 96dpi or 3000x3000 pixel @ 300dpi) JPEG files;
- STANDARD ($30+/photo) - for infographics / manipulated or other images, depends on the complexity of the task;
- PREMIUM ($40+/photo) - for Lifestyles.

DELIVERY is as follow:
: Typically in 3-7 days after the receiving of the sample and the order creation.


- Product shipping is as follow:

: Please contact me before your delivery, cause all freight collect payment parcels will be rejected.
- Order creation: I will create a customized order for you after the receiving of the sample.
- Product return: If you need me send your sample back to your supplier or to your country, pls let me know after the job is done. Or it will likely to be disposed in 30 days.
- ALL SHIPPING COST before and after the photography will be ON YOUR or YOUR SUPPLIER'S BURDEN ;
- Revision: All revision should only based on the former images, reshooting another image will need to pay an extra.


it is the time to order the package

please send me message befor ordering

25 reviews about this service


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Great as always! Thank you!

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Czech Republic

Good work. Thanks

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 31.00 $ 47.00 $ 62.00
1 detailed enhanced PICs (Background Removal, Blemish Removal, Transforming, Color Adjusting...etc.) 1 infographic such as Sizes/Features/Instruction ($30/img)
For complex infographics, pls discuss
1 Life Style Image (NO MODEL)
4 Days 6 Days 8 Days
Payment Protection
14 Days Money Back Guarantee