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welcome to my package

who i am:

I am a front-end web developer. However, I am not good with design, and I don't know much about WordPress. I am decent with CSS and Javascript.

I could use simple templates or code your project from scratch. I will only use what is necessary, no extra packages or bundles that would slow down your site. The libraries that I do use are industry standards, they are well-tested and well-maintained.

The base price for my service is $50. I would charge more based on complexity. Please contact me before ordering.

Technologies I use if you are a developer or interested:

Vuejs, I could also work in vanilla js for smaller projects.
GSAP or Animejs for animations
Threejs for 3d object rendering
Low poly modeling in blender
2d and 3d physics engines to go along with Threejs and canvas
I also have some experience in creating and use SVG for the web
I am ok with the back-end and SQL. Lately, I have been using firebase as a BaaS.

contact to oder the package

63 reviews about this service


amarish 4
Isle of Man

the custom website development Leilani provides is like no other out there.

erlam 5
Heard Island

Great as always! Thank you!

jenami 5
Heard Island

Fast delivery. Clear communication.�

eolaho 5

Thank you so much! Im very happy with the fast delivery!

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