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about the package:

Contingent upon your request you would get 4 top quality studio renders and 1 HD arranged picture. showing how you furniture would glance in a legitimate climate. 

we would utilize vray for 3dsmax to chronicle staggering authenticity so your item can champion. 

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77 reviews about this service


madelene6343 5

Thanks you very much!

nlawrence 5

I liked the work

adalyn_m 5
Saint Martin

A want to accent on Lorayne`s 3D designing skills.

g_olson 5

Lorayne has always been my go-to guy for what is going on in the field of 3D designing.

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Basic model of your furniture or product you will get 2 images of your designed furniture or product in a well lit studio. 1 HD render of your provided 3d model in a realistic scene
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