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lets kmow more about our service:

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing platforms.
As a social media manager, I will offer my services to create, maintain and grow your social media accounts.

Platforms for Management are as follow:
- Instagram page
- Facebook account
- Linkedin account
- Twitter account
For another service, contact first.

My services will include:
-daily posting
-Increase brand awareness
-Hashtag research
-Page/Channel Evaluation
-Content creation
-Daily engagement
-Analyze and report the progress.

waiting for you to contact us and order the pakae!!!!!!!!

60 reviews about this service


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British Indian Ocean Territory


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As well as always. Thanks

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 39.00 $ 79.00 $ 141.00
Manage any one platform with two post per day for 7 days. *Manage any two platforms with two post per day for 7 days. Manage three platforms with two post per day for 7 days.
8 Days 8 Days 8 Days
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