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Are you a new company or is your budget limited?
Would you like to have an advertising video, but you think these services are not within your reach?

Not with us!

Welcome to COFO Studios, your new advertising video service.
For you, we will create a an animated video explainer, talking about whatever you want and promoting your brand or product! Tell us your idea and we'll set it into motion?

For only 50 dollars, we will create your animated face explainer video with:
- Professional Voice over
- A script up to 100 words long
- Up to 30 seconds long
- Professional sound mix
- With your custom script!
We also have the best extras to provide you with what you're looking for!
- 4:3 video perfect for Facebook and Instagram
- Choose your video format
- Royalty-free music!
- Watermarks
- Sound effects
- Subtitles in English, Spanish, French and German
- Wanna english voice over? I can do it too!
- Ask for more, we'll be sure to talk it out!

COFO Studios, your new exclusive branding service in zfreelancer.
We write your idea and you will receive an answer in less than an hour.
We are waiting for you!

61 reviews about this service


evaline_st 4
United Arab Emirates

Cleone is the industrial-strength glue of the video creating agency.

hebert9751 5

Fantastic work as always!

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 78.00 $ 179.00 $ 280.00
30 seconds
Prof. Voiceover
2 revisions
60 seconds
Prof. voiceover
Background music
3 revisions
All extras included (ask for information before placing an order)
6 Days 6 Days 6 Days
Payment Protection
14 Days Money Back Guarantee