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lets know who i am:

I am Mickie Mccann We will help you reach your audiences by partnering directly with independent music curators worldwide.

We tailor our approach to each artist based on their individual needs, carefully planning each campaign so that they meet targeted goals. You will get organic results by us sharing your Song LINK to our personal music sharing blogs, as well as on our big social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and worldwide active community.

SPECIAL FEATURES are as follow:

- Instant start

- Very Fast Response

- Lifetime Free Support

- Real Marketing

- Real Result

I strongly recommend you to order directly and submit song link. You need to compare my 3 packages before you place an order. If you need more information, please contact me.

23 reviews about this service


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Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Mickie gives spotify followers expand that is not only useful for all audiences; Mickie shares examples about how and why the spotify followers expand works.

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Promotion of ONE Song to 1,000 Audiences + Guaranteed Results Get one song promoted to 4,000 organic audiences + a guaranteed result Promotion of ONE Song to More than 12,000 Organic Audience and All Results are Guaranteed
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14 Days Money Back Guarantee