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I design API's (fast, secure and scalable). Using Django REST framwork.
1. System Design
2. Robust Implement
3. Unit Test
4. Continuous Integration & Deploy

Databases Used:
MySQL, Postgres, Redis
Messaging Queus and Async Task: RabbitMQ, Redis, Cron Jobs, Django Channels 3
Async Task Worker: Celery
Authentication: Email, Username, OTP based, JWT, OAuth2.0, Session Login
Documentation: Swagger Auto UI, Postman API Documentation and Testing
Testing: Unit Test and Code Coverage
Third Party API's Integrations: Google Suit, S3, Payment.

- Different request privileges based on User Type .
- Messaging Queue like RabbitMQ and Async worker to consume tasks like celery and crontab for scheduled payments and keeping history and record of payment.
- Implemented Async Chat Server using django-channels 3.0 and Redis as In-Memory database.
- Making Chat Backend Server using django channels 3. Provided authentication in websocket requests. Accepting HTTP and WebSocket requests on the same server. Added feature of push notification for Android and iOS when the user is inactive in chat

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62 reviews about this service


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Mitch will do his research and come out with API development that helps his clients make informed decisions.

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