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Hello there are you looking for an organic spotify promotion?
Yes you have come to the right place!

Spotify is the first growing music platform with 345 million active user so if you are also a musician it's a high time to expose your music in this popular platform. For this exposure you need to boost your music right way and need to reach organic audience and we work for this continuous exposure.

How we will do our promotion?
it is as follow:

what we will do for you in this package are as follow:

We will share and embed your spotify track in our music blog website which have tons of traffic and subscribers. Also we will share your music in different types of social media and music related groups. That will give you a great exposure with good audience reach

Platform we use is as follow:

- Our own musical blog website.
- Different types of social media group like Facebook, Instagram.

Benefits of using our service are as follow:
you can see them befor ordering the package:

- Get exposure from real and organic audience
- Engagement from worldwide country
- Increase your audience reach and activity


 Selling stream or followers is absolutely against the zfreelancer and spotify term of condition so we don't sell such things. our service is only offer
you to expose your music through our website and groups.

58 reviews about this service


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7 days continuous promotion and marketing to make Viral your music.

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