assist you in numerical analysis, game theory,computation,geometry,trigonometry

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who i am:

I done PhD in Mathematics from world top university .I published 100 above research papers and I written 8 books in mathematics. I have 11 years teaching experience and 6 years online problem solving experience .
I will prepared you for assignments ,quizzes ,exams and help you in research problems. so you don't a waste time feel free to contact me.

- Advanced Calculus
- Differential equations
- Topology and combinatorics
- Discrete Mathematics
- Geometry and Trigonometry 
- Delivery on time
- Revisions until you get satisfied
- Real analysis ,complex analysis and functional analysis
- Mechanics1,2,3 ,quantum mechanics, fluid mechanics
- Probabilities and Statistics
- LINEAR ALGEBRA, abstract algebra
- Set Theory and Logic, graph theory and ring theory
- Professional behavior
- 24/7 available
- Low cost
- Quick response

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68 reviews about this service


evaline_st 4
United Arab Emirates

Has the ability to develop a game to great detail.

aura7601 4

Matthias came to us as our new rep for game development in the fire industry.

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i will assist you in numerical analysis, game theory, computation,geometry i will assist you in numerical analysis, computation,geometry,trigonometry i will assist you in numerical analysis, game theory, computation,geometry,trigonometry
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