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I am a professional senior Software Engineer with specialisation in backend development in Java (Spring Boot), with over 8 years of experience. I have worked in as full time software developers for leading companies like Accenture and SAP for more than four years. At right now, I work as a Freelance Software Engineer and I support customer from different industries developing reliable and scalable applications.

For testing also have experience of working with Junit, TestNG, AssertJ and RestAssured.

I focus on providing great customer service and quality work. I communicate my availability transparently to my clients and on-time delivery of my packages is a concern. I am available for phone calls, emails and messages to get things done quickly.

My services are as follow:

• Writing 4 Unit Tests using Junit or TestNG without mocking of any dependency
• Writing 6 Unit Tests using Junit or TestNG with mocking of any dependency using EasyMock or Mocking
• Writing 10 Unit Tests using Junit or TestNG with mocking of any dependency using EasyMock or Mocking and all points of integration (Database and external calls)

Please contact me before submitting your order.


79 reviews about this service


kandip 5
United States

Fantastic work as always!

kyleena 5
United States

Nils took me from being an idiot in unit testing, to being much better, in only a few months.

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I will write 4 unit tests which don't require mocking using Junit5 or TestNG as assertion library I will write 6 unit tests and mock dependencies with Mockito or EasyMock using Junit5 or TestNG. I will write 8 unit tests or 5 REST API including mocking external services and database calls.
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