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the question is this:

Are you looking for GIS analyst to do interactive mapping, vector map, web map, spatial analysis then i am here to serve you. I have good experience in GIS and spatial analysis. I will provide you print ready maps.

Services offered are as follow:

Custom Map Creation - Geodatabase Design - Geolocation/Geocoding, Data Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Network Analysis/Drive Time - Georeferencing, Demographic Analysis, Web Map Development - GIS based web applications.

Skills are as follow:

interactive map development, web application, spatial mapping and analysis - data visualization, - geodata conversion, - indoor map (floor plan), geospatial analysis, - cartography, - vectorization, - digitizing maps, - tracing of map data, route map.

Tools and frameworks are as follow:

ArcGIS, PostgreSQL, - PostGIS, - GDAL/OGR - Node.js, - QGIS, - Leafletjs, - gvSIG, - JOSM, - ArcGIS Online, - Mapbox GL, JavaScript.

Languages are as follow:

PHP, - JavaScript, - Python, - HTML, - CSS, - SQL

Formats are as folow:

Shapefile, - GeoJSON - GeoJSON for ServiceNow Facilities Workbench map, - GeoTIFF, - KML - Vector Tiles (mbTiles, .PBF) – netCDF


45 reviews about this service


bryanal 5
San Marino

Another one of his strengths is website analysis.

jimenez9825 5

Oley is one of the best professionals that I have ever worked with in the website analysis.

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