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about me:
read the bellow to know more abput me, this time:

 I'm Jared Orozco, professional videographer and video editor with 7 years of experience in video edition. I would like to help you with:

 - editing your wedding videos,
 - creating highlights,
 - trailer videos,
 - documentary edit,  
 - color grading, 
 - color correction, 
 - sync audio , 
 - adding titles to your videos

Weddings are very complex task as it is a special day for the bride and groom so thats why i put special attention to details on the video so you and your costumers will be happy with the final result.

 I am always online and you can text me at anytime for creating custom offers. I'm always open for interesting creative projects.

 The above 3 packages estimates are based on general client requirements. Please text me to discuss your particular needs and goals.

send me message in order to order the package!!!!!!!!!!!!!

39 reviews about this service


bettina7563 4

Very professional approach to the job

c_carter 4

One of the brightest mind in editing videos industries.

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 16.00 $ 31.00 $ 39.00
I will professionally edit your wedding video on song with max 5 min length I will professionally edit your wedding video and audio synchronization with max 10 min length I will professionally edit your wedding video and audio synchronization up to 15 min length
3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
Payment Protection
14 Days Money Back Guarantee

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