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Django Developer for your next Python Based Website!

i intoduse myself:
Hi, I am Philomene, a Django web developer, and Python expert.  I am an expert in the Django framework. I am an expert in building databases in Django. I am an expert in user authentication. I can complete and customize websites using Django.

- Integrate Web maps
- Integrate Data Scraping and Data Mining
- Adding User management and Custom Users
- Adding file upload capabilities
- Adding user authentications and permissions
- Adding admin dashboard for managing site and database (Django-admin)
- Adding Custom Admin Panel (great-looking design)
- Adding custom Charts, Graphs
- Adding Auto Email sending
- User Authentication
- Fixing Bugs
- Styling your Web Applications and Websites
- Basic CRUD application

Kindly contact me before placing an order so we can discuss your project.

21 reviews about this service


korbinf 4

Great job done :)

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I will be developing basic django website or adding some functionality or fixing some bug I will develop medium size django website with multiple dynamic loading pages or build api I will develop large django webapp with user authentication and build api
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