create your own avax token on the avalanche c chain

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Service description

Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency without paying too much? Dont move ! You are in the right place!

I create your token individually according to your requirements.
You can exchange your token between different wallets, but you can also make it available for buying and selling on an exchange.

What do I need to create your token?

The name of the token (e.g. Bitcoin)
The token symbol (e.g. BTC)
Offer (e.g.: 21 000 000)
Decimal places (e.g.: 8)
I can also add a tax on each transaction
why choose me

I have already created many cryptocurrencies as well as SmartPaulatract.
Strong experience
I'll answer your questions quickly
Can answer all your inquiries
Feel free to contact me

69 reviews about this service


merrye 5
Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Great work :)

orvil7461 5

Paula has been one of my best hires ever during many years in the winform programming industry.

victorine7777 5
Virgin Islands

As well as always. Thanks

c_carter 5

Paula interaction with her was mainly on winform programming.

brear 5

Very professional - Highly recommended.

nasirp 4
Russian Federation

100% Satisfied

gallegos_9091 5

Very thorough work. Thanks!

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 102.00 $ 204.00 $ 306.00
Simple token exchangeable on the Avanlache c chain Simple token exchangeable on the Avanlache c chain Simple token exchangeable on the Avanlache c chain
12 Days 6 Days 2 Days
Payment Protection
14 Days Money Back Guarantee