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what i can do for you in tyhis package:

I can help you with any type of databases queries, design and database SQL tasks. I have worked with databases a lot including critical databases like banks etc.

DB Types: SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLITE.
All Database projects and SQL or any other database task related to SQL, Oracle, MYSQL

I am able to do provide following services:

- Import data from SQL to MySQL 
- Export data from any database
- Complex queries like sub queries and multiple joins
- Import from Excel to MSSQL or My SQL
- Oracle queries
- Database Design
- Relational database
- Normalization
- Relational Schema
- ER Diagram
- Queries
- Stored Procedures
- Bug Fixing
- Tables Creation
- SQL Views
- Any type of SQL Project or Database Project
- All databases including SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL , etc
- Much More

feel free to contact whenever you want
Please contact me first before placing order.
Thank you

51 reviews about this service


patrickbl 5

Im very pleaased with the result!

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Write 5-7 SQL queries or help with database professionally. SQL, MySQL or Oracle too Create a database for you and do normalization and 15-20 complex queries SQL, MYSQL, Oracle Create a customized database with many tables, write queries and help you personally. SQL / MYSQL
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