excel data entry, collection, analysis, representation and web research

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Searching for someone to Do Excel data collection, entry , analysis or professional data visualization to draw insights from your raw data, you're in the best place.
I have 6 Years experience in Excel spreadsheets and created many dashboards and reports, using pivot tables, advanced formulas, graphs, charts, and more.
I create reports that are compatible with Excel for windows or Excel for MAC, based on your requirements.
My services are as FOLLOW:
- Excel data entry
- Data entry
- Data collection/Data mining
- Copy and paste
- PDF to MS word/Excel
- Data analysis
- Internet Research/ Web Research
- Real state data entry
- Record research
- Product research
- Online and Offline data entry
- Virtual assistant 
- Admin related tasks

contact me whenever you want.

27 reviews about this service


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Excel data collection, analysis Excel data collection,analysis and
visualization to draw insights from your raw data.
Excel data collection, entry, analysis and
visualization to draw insights from your raw data.
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