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As C has both low-level and high-level features, it is a perfect language to start programming. And C++ is the wider version of C.
There are the following topics.

Basic Introduction:
- Datatypes
- Constants
- Symbolic Constants
- Variable
- Expression
- Statements
- Initialization and Declaration

Operators and Expression:
- Arithmetic, Unary, Relational, Logical, Assignment, Conditional Operators

Data Input and Output:
- Details about input and output functions (scanf, gets, getch, printf, puts, cin , cout etc)
Control Statements:
- Branching: The if-else Statement
- Looping: The While Statement
- More Looping: The Do-While Statement
- Still More Looping: The For Statement
- Nested Control Statement
- The Switch Statement
- Break
- Continue
- Goto

Function are as follow:
- Defining and Accessing a Function
- Function Prototype
- Passing Arguments to a Function
- Recursion **

- Defining and Processing an Array
- Passing Arrays to Functions
- Multidimensional Arrays

- Defining and Initialization of Strings
- Reading and Writing a String
- Processing the Strings
- Character Arithmetic
- Searching and Sorting of Strings

Low-Level Programming:
- Bitwise Operation

STL(Standard Library Functions) for C++ **

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Very good experience, highly recommended service!

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