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I specialize in conducting:

- Multi-jurisdictional, Federal and State Statutory, Intellectual Property, LexisNexis/Westlaw, International Legal, Case Law & Legislative History, and Secondary Source research for legal teams, companies, and individuals.

- In-depth and clear drafting and reviewing of legal documents, and agreements.

- Provide managed services for trademarks, patents, design, and copyright.
Provide me with your general briefing about the project, and I will provide you with the first draft and make changes as per feedback for the final document.

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48 reviews about this service


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Basic Standard Enterprise
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This basic package includes conducting local jurisdiction research and a simple written summary. In depth and up-to- date Multi-Jurisdictional, Intellectual Property, law research. Multi-Jurisdictional,
Federal and State Statutory,
Intellectual Property research & writing.
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