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Legal writing and research is not only my profession but also a passion and a job that I love doing. I have over two years experience and am conversant in areas of business, commercial, criminal, civil and contract law. I am enthusiastic about researching on law cases and legal articles that I can professionally articulate in writing. If you choose me be sure to receive well curated work that is supported by plausible sources and has undergone good research.

My legal expertise includes but not limited to the following:
Brief cases
Contract Law
Business law
Commercial law
Civil law
criminal law
Legal agreements and drafts
Medical law

now, i am waiting for you

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88 reviews about this service


hfarley 5

great to work with

cordarom 4
United Kingdom

He's as sharp as they come and you can't beat her writing a legal content.

cardenas8876 5

Great job

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