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who i am:
I am a social media specialist that likes to keep an upbeat positive lifestyle spending my time helping small to medium businesses grow online and build their brand whilst achieving organizational goals and conveying their value set.

Some of the many related services I provide are as follow:

✪ Social Media Management

✪ Social Media Account Optimization

✪ Social Media Consulting

With my management you can expect to see:

♦ Client and B2B interactions

♦ In-depth and more complex services and features utilized and explained

♦ Access to analytical data, and resources

♦ Mentions, and brand awareness

♦ Optimized accounts that are SEO friendly

♦ Daily engagement

♦ Growing engagement rates, reach, and

♦ Visually appealing graphics that are relevant and appealing

what i will do for you:
I will create and manage profiles for you and tour business in a very professional way on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc. I will post every day on them increasing your online presence. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Please contact me before you order to set up a price for what you need for your custom project.

24 reviews about this service


erland7657 5
Russian Federation

His accumulative experience in the social media advertising has truly given her an edge.

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1⃣ social media account 🗓 one week management 📈 one post per day 1⃣ social media account 🗓 20 days management 📈 one post per day 2⃣ social media accounts 🗓 30 days management 📈 one posts per day
4 Days 8 Days 11 Days
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