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i want to exolain for you hiw do we prepare the pakage for you:

YouTube is a very complex platform. Although 300 hours of video are uploaded to YT every minute, there is still a way to stand out. We will make sure we give you the best start possible. It's easy for anyone to create a YouTube account, but if not done properly you could miss a big opportunity. I will create a completely optimized channel including (Keyword Research, Strong SEO Optimization, and 24/7 Consultation). Here is a list of things I could offer.

- Channel Creation
- SEO Keyword Planning
- Name Optimization
- Brand Consultation
- Profile Image & Banner 
- SEO Optimized Channel Description
- Description Template
- Thumbnail Creation
- Video Editing
- Audio Clean Up
- Graphic Design
- Intros For Channels


Don't hesitate to ask me anything, I'm sure I have an awnser!

37 reviews about this service


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American Samoa

Every new youtube marketing that becomes available in the market, Skylar already knows about it.

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Channel Set Up & Optimization Channel Creation SEO Keyword Planning SEO Channel Description Complete first package plus Name Optimization Brand Creation Profile Image & Banner All packages plus Description Template for all videos Two Thumbnails Created Keyword Planner
8 Days 8 Days 8 Days
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