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Thanks for landing at my service.

It's my honor to serve you. I'm a Graphic designer with 
14+ years of experience in a Graphic Designing company. I’m expertised in making all type of mascot logos, cartoon, illustrative logos, antic, retro , branding , also having skills of doing thematic and strong drawing based illustrations for t-shirt and other branding
needs, as well having very good skill and experience of making very slick and trendy professional logos and other brand designs.

In this package I am offering the following:

 1) Stunning mascot design
 1) Illustration design
 1) Cartoon design 
 1) Realistic logo designs 
 1) Caricature illustration
 1) Retro style
 1) Modern style illustration
 1) Digital illustration
 1) Trendy illustration
 1) Illustrative poster

i) Where you should hire me?

what are the reasons?????

-> . Within deadlines
   . quick response 
   . 100 percent accuracy

 ii) What I need to get started ?
-> About your company or work, if you have any thought about your logo in your mind ,if you have any style reference or specification , or anything you want to discuss in massage I am24 hours available.


37 reviews about this service


nolench 5
United Arab Emirates

Great job done :)

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 464.00 $ 619.00 $ 773.00
An Awesome Text Logo (No Mascot), High Res, PNG and Vector File, personal

A Custom high quality mascot logo (Head only), personal use only,
A Custom Premum Logo Design. 1 Figure, commercial use, exclusive
2 Days 2 Days 2 Days
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14 Days Money Back Guarantee