assist in c, cpp, python and assembly language tasks

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who i am:
I am an expert engineer currently doing my PHD in electrical engineering from Pakistan's top notch university. I have more than 8 years of experience in C, C++, Python, Assembly and ARM assembly language programming. I can help you with any task or project related to these languages.

My Services are as follow:
- C Programming
- C++ Programming
- Assembly Language
- Python
- Bug fix of code
- Debugging of Code
- Pseudo-Codes / Flow Diagrams
- Processor Status
- Flags Registers
- Flow Control Instructions
- Logic, Shift & Rotate instructions
- Stack
- Procedures
- Multiplication & Division
- Arrays and Addressing Modes
- String Instructions
- Data Structure and Algorithms
- Recursion

Please discuss your requirements with me in inbox before placing the order.

PAY ATTETION: 5$ is starting price, final price depends on your requirements.

59 reviews about this service


brennan_9997 4

Thank you so much for your delivery!

gilda6160 4

Well done like always. Thanks

stein_9146 5

Thank you

charisse_jo 5
Virgin Islands

Sallie is one of the best professionals that I have ever worked with in the winform programming.

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I will assist in cpp, python and assembly language tasks I will assist in c, cppand assembly language tasks I will assist in c, cpp, python and assembly language tasks
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