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who ia m?

do you want tyo know who i am???

I'm Tashina Burns a professional & manual Urdu to English as well as English to Urdu translator. My English writing/reading skills break the boundaries between Native and non-native speakers. 

SERVICES I PROVIDE are as follwo:

- English to Urdu translation of documents
- Urdu translation of English content
- Transcription & translation of speeches, podcasts, and interviews
- White papers and official documents translation.


what are the reasons????

they are as follow:

- Prompt response
- Unlimited revisions
- No procrastination
- Manual translation. NO USE OF SOFTWARE.
- Add-ons such as poetry or quotations.

contact me inorder to order the package!!!!

84 reviews about this service


ginny7426 5

Great service!

cjoseph 5
Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Great as always! Thank you!

janado 4

I particularly liked the video proofreading of my website.

farrell_9576 4
Aland Islands

She is in it, not for just the proofreading, but more importantly to help others.

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