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who i am:

I am a Professional 3D graphics and animation, I worked with environment and characters for games. I have experience with full pipeline of making characters (concept art, creating the model, rigging, creating animation cycles, import to Unity or Unreal Engine, and setting up materials and animations there) 

My experience are as follow:
-creating characters (sculpting high poly in Zbrush, creating clothes in Marvelous Designer, retopology, UV Unwrap, UV Bake, texturing);
- environment design;
- Sci-Fi design and hard-surface modeling;
- UV baking and texturing.
- Tile texturing in ZBrush, Photoshop and Substance Painter, Marmoset toolbag
- Assembly and customization of the character and animation in Unity and Unreal Engine
Also, I can do rigging and some animation and animation cycles.

My skills and software that I-m using are as follow:

Autodesk Maya – 3D Modeling, Retopology, UV Unwrap, rigging, animation 
Autodesk 3ds Max – 3D Modeling, Retopology, UV Unwrap
Zbrush – sculpting, poly paint 
3D-Coat – retopology, texturing, UV Unwrap
Substance Painter – texturing, UV Baking
Marmoset Toolbag – creating simple materials, UV Baking
Adobe Photoshop –texturing, tile textures



49 reviews about this service


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Good quality and quick delivery. Thanks!

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Teddy is an icon of the UX designing.

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Czech Republic

highly recommended

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