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Today more and more people are now taking advantage of the many benefits associated with using a database over spreadsheets.. And now with the all new easy-to-use database management systems available, just about anyone can start do so!

The Ragic database management system is an award winning application, that allows users to harness the power of the internet, in ways not possible before..

"So even the avid database specialists would be interested in to take advantage!"

If it is that you are a new Ragic user, or would like to start using it, then I could help you setup your new account,.. as you may be unable to do so for yourself!

what i can do:
I can also help with any modifications that you may be having difficulty with, and if it's going to be a lengthy ongoing process for a relatively complicated database, then I can join you (and your team), for an ongoing period to help with this process..

I have used many databases and development tools over the years, and today Ragic is the most useful tool that I use!


Ragic does not require any code to use, however in some cases coding may be required (JavaScript). Unfortunately, I do not offer, nor will I be doing any coding!


50 reviews about this service


maxwell_ho 5

Great service!

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Basic Standard Enterprise
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Up to one hour of time spent making modification to your existing database. Database design & layout. Import data (if you have) for up to 5 sheets, with up to 5 duplicates. Join you, and your team (10 sheets, 30 days), to help complete a Ragic implementation.
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